Wappler Dreamweaver Pinegrow Webflow Wix Wordpress
Standalone application
You can use it directly on your computer
Yes Yes Yes No No No
Design power
How far can you go in designing your website?
Full: start from scratch or use template Limited - you must have coding skills Yes Limited Limited Templates only
Front-end reactive framework Yes: App Connect Only as a DMXzone extension No No No Could be as a plugin or shortcodes
Server-side visual workflow builder
Create database queries in a fully visual way
Yes: Server Connect Only as a DMXzone extension No No No No
Visual CSS editor
Edit your CSS live
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Only using a plugin
Is the tool extensible?
Yes, a lot of components available Yes Yes No No Plugins available
World's most popular frameworks included?
Bootstrap 4 and Framework 7
Yes Only Bootstrap 4 - badly rendered Bootstrap 4 and Foundation No No In some templates
Sever-side code support
What's standing behind?
PHP, ASP or ASP.NET PHP, ASP or ASP.NET No DB connectivity N/A N/A PHP
Database connectivity
Storing data and making your website dynamic
MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgresSQL, JSON files Outdated, deprecated No Limited Limited MySQL only
Building mobile apps
Can you build a fully functional mobile application?
Yes No Only static No No No
Mobile apps packaging
... and direct Apple App Store or Google Play Store submission
Yes No No No No No
File ownership
Who has direct access to projects' files during development?
User User User Webflow Wix
(can't even export)
Data ownership
Who has direct access to projects' databases or data?
User User No data connectivity Webflow Wix
(can't even export)
Project management
Included project file management tools
Yes Yes No Yes No No
Any hosting provider supported Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Do you get the support you need?
Email, community forum Not so good Yes Yes Yes No