Wappler comes in 3 different packages, which include different extensions depending on your needs. Below you can find the list of Wappler extensions which are included in the selected package.

Free - included in Wappler Free Basic - included in Wappler Basic Pro - included in Wappler Pro

App Connect - Front-End Components

Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap 4 Grid Free
  • Bootswatch 4 Free
  • Bootstrap 4 Elements Free
  • Bootstrap 4 Navbar Basic
  • Bootstrap 4 Forms Basic
  • Bootstrap 4 Cards Basic
  • Bootstrap 4 Modals Basic
  • App Connect Animate CSSBasic
  • App Connect Smooth ScrollBasic
  • App Connect PreloaderBasic
Slideshows & Photo Galleries
  • App Connect SlideshowBasic
  • App Connect LightboxBasic
  • App Connect MasonryBasic
Maps & Location
  • App Connect Google MapsBasic
  • App Connect Google Directions Add-onBasic
  • App Connect Geo LocationBasic
Data Sources & Traversal
  • App Connect Data TraversalBasic
  • App Connect JSON Data SourceBasic
Data Formatting & Filtering
  • App Connect Data FormatterBasic
Form Validation
  • App Connect Form ValidatorBasic
  • App Connect Validator Unicode Add-onBasic
Content Editing
  • App Connect Medium EditorPro
  • Medium Editor Image Upload Add-onPro
Dynamic Charts
  • App Connect ChartsPro
Visitors Device Information
  • App Connect BrowserBasic
Cookies, Session & Local Storage
  • App Connect State ManagementPro
Tasks Automation
  • App Connect Action SchedulerPro

Server Connect - Server-Side Components

File Management
  • HTML5 File UploadBasic
  • File System ConnectorBasic
  • DMXzone Zip ProcessorPro
Server Side Image Processing
  • DMXzone Image ProcessorBasic
Send Mail
  • DMxzone MailerBasic
Server Data Validation
  • App Connect ValidatorBasic
Database Connectivity
  • DMXzone Database ConnectorPro
  • DMXzone Database UpdaterPro
Server Data Formatting
  • Server Data FormatterPro
Security & Encryption
  • DMXzone Security ProviderPro
  • Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-onPro
Data Import & Export
  • DMXzone Data ImporterPro
  • DMXzone Data ExporterPro

Mobile Apps Support - Design and Build Mobile Apps

Apps Design
  • Framework 7 Visual App DesignerPro
Apps Building
  • Cordova App BuilderPro (coming up soon)

Even more extensions are coming to Wappler soon!