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A new modern UI

We totally revamped the Wappler UI for version 4.
Wappler 4.0 comes with a set of 20 gorgeous modern UI Themes to choose from. Select the one that suits your taste the most - a dark or a light one. The selected theme also applies to the code editor, so working in code view will also feel as pleasant as using the design tools in Wappler UI!
 The modern look and feel of the new Wappler UI is enhanced by the glass effect used for the menus and modal dialogs.

UI Themes

Easily select one of the 20 modern UI themes using the theme picker menu.

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Code Editor

The code editor style matches the selected UI Theme.

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Glass Effect

We added glass effect for the menus and modal dialogs in the Wappler UI

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Wappler 4 UI themes
Wappler 4 code editor themes
Wappler 4 UI glass effect

Design Framework Updated

Bootstrap 5 Integration

Wappler 4 includes the latest version of the most popular front-end framework for building modern and responsive web sites and apps - Bootstrap 5.

Bootstrap 4 to 5 Convertor

You can easily convert your Bootstrap 4 pages to Bootstrap 5, using the included convertion tool.

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Theme Manager

With the integration of Bootstrap 5 we also updated the Theme Manager to support it.

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bootstrap 5 page builder

apple silicon Native

Apple Silicon M1 Native Support

 Wappler 4 is optimized for Apple Silicon M1, so you can use the full powers of your M1 chip and run Wappler natively.

wappler apple silicon

New tabs editor

Api Actions and APP Flows in Tabs

You can open multiple API Actions and App Flows as separate editor tabs, just next to your regular HTML and CSS files, providing you with great flexibility when editing multiple actions.

Server Connect

Now it's easier than ever to work on multipleApi Actions in separate tabs, on a larger canvas. 

App Flows

App Flows allow you to build complex reusable client side workflows. Now they are also available in separate editor tabs.

wappler ui
wappler ui
wappler ui

Server Connect Globals

DEfine and reuse Global options

The Globals options allow you to define and re-use Database Connections, Security Providers, Mailer Properties, S3 Providers, Variables, Input Parameters and API Action Steps across all your API Actions in the project:

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server connect global options


Stripe Integration

You can use the full Stipe API with 310 API Actions, Webhooks integration and many more directly in Wappler.

Full Stripe API

Over 300 API Actions are available, so you can build powerful ecommerce solutions with Wappler.

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Stripe Subscriptions

Creating subscriptions with Stripe is an easy job! Just define your subscriptions in Stripe Dashboard and use them with Wappler.

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Thanks to webhooks you can listen for events on your Stripe account so you can automatically trigger actions on the server side.

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310 stripe actions
wappler onlie store with stripe

new core Engine

Electron js

In Wappler 4 we switched our core engine from NWJS to Electron JS, which brings speed, stability and user experience improvements. Apps like Discord, Twitch, Slack, Figma, Visual Studio Code, Skype and many more, are already using Electron and that makes it the best platform to build Desktop Apps like Wappler.

wappler engine electronjs

Realtime data


Thanks to NodeJS and Socket.IO integration in Wappler you can now build realtime apps! WebSockets is an advanced technology that makes it possible to open a two-way interactive communication session between the user’s browser and a server.

Raltime Data

Enable Live Data Reload with Sockets for any Server Connect Data Source and the data will be automatically updated for all of the connected clients.

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Sockets Messaging

Use asynchronous, two way communication between client and server with messages. Easily Emit, Broadcast or send Direct Messages to the clients in the server.

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realtime messaging with websockets in wappler


Team Collaboration and Project Sharing

Collaboration and projects sharing are available in Wappler 4! We've updated the Git Manager and now it works directly with the most popular git cloud providers - GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket!

GitHub, Gitlab and BitBucket Support

You can seamlessly connect your Wappler project to Github, Gitlab or BitBucket repositories. You can push and pull your local project to the selected remote repository.

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Collaboration Options

Now it's really easy to work on the same project with your team or on multiple computers. The integrated Git options allow you to push your changes to the remote repository or pull the latest version from there.

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team collaboration with git in Wappler