New server technology added

Full nodejs support

One of the most anticipated features is available in version 3.0 - NodeJS. You can easily setup and use the powers of NodeJS directly in Wappler, fully integrated with the Database Connector, Database Updater and Database Manager.

NodeJS Templates

Create master pages for your site layout and base all your pages on them.

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Template Partials

Create reusable components and include them on your pages.

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Server Side Rendering

Empower full server side data rendering for your NodeJS web sites and apps.

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Docker Support

Run your NodeJS projects locally as well as remotely in full production.

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nodejs support in wappler

easy data management

Visual database Management

In the Database Manager you have a great visual overview of all your database tables, history of your changes, and database seeds. You can create new tables and fields or edit the data in your database.

Easy Database Connections

Create direct connections right from within the database manager panel.

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Database Relations

Visually define relations between database tables by simply defining a reference field.

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Edit Database Data

Directly edit your database live data. Select whether to apply changes immediately or later.

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visual database manager

dynamic expressions

 Intelligent Visual Expression Builder for Data Bindings

With the new Visual Expression builder you can quickly pick any data binding and format it. Use extensive formatting options for advanced data formatting and filtering.

visual expressions builder

new Publish options

Easy Cloud hosting

Google Firebase

wappler deploy to firebase

Get your web site or app up and running in just a few clicks, using Google Firebase Hosting - at no additional hosting costs.

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wappler deploy to heroku

Deploy your web site or app to Heroku. With Heroku, you have full free hosting for all your NodeJS and PHP projects.

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Build your own design theme

Theme Manager

Now it's easier than ever to customize Bootstrap 4 designs and create custom themes. The new Theme Manager panel allows you to build custom styles by selecting different colors, Google fonts, styling options, and much more.

Create a Custom Bootstrap 4 Theme

Easily create a custom theme using the simple UI options.

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Advanced Theming Options

The Advanced mode allows you to customize every single variable of Bootstrap 4.

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wappler ui
wappler ui
wappler ui

no-code development

Visual workflow builder

With App Connect Flow you can create client-side workflows with actions to be executed, data to be retrieved and much more. All of these actions will be nicely executed one after another.

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visual workflow builder

New and improved

New components and many updates

Wappler 3.0 brings new components and updates based on the requests and feedback we received in our community. Some of the latest extensions available are:

Full Calendar

The most powerful calendar component is now available in Wappler.

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Summernote Editor

Summernote a simple to configure and easy to use WYSIWYG Editor available in Wappler.

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Data Store

The Data Store component allows you to store and edit local data in a simple local storage driven database.

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full calendar component
data store component

Docker Integration

Ultra Fast Web Development with Docker

Docker empowers developers to quickly run their website or app in the required environment in seconds. It also makes the live deploy really easy. You can quickly and easy scale up your app depending on its needs. With the Docker integration in Wappler you can not only develop locally, but also deploy to any remote Docker host.

Docker Integration

Wappler makes it really easy to setup Docker, select the services you need and deploy your web site or app in seconds.

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Databases and Terminals

Awesome single click Database backup and range of terminals and shells are available directly at your disposal.

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docker integration in wappler

code and design

New code editor & Improved Design view

Monaco Code Editor

wappler code editor

Monaco Editor offers you more power than ever in Wappler! Unmatched light speed but also context sensible editing, smarter code generation and automatic refactoring. 

Design View

wappler design view

The Design View and Design Panel have been greatly improved, based on our community feedback. The Design Panel now includes modern and easy to use controls.

version control

Visual git version control

Full version control is available in Wappler, so you can easily keep track of all the changes in your files or backup your projects.

Git Branches

Branches are multiple different contexts where work happens - each feature, bug fix, experiment.

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Git Remote Repositories

You can work with remote repositories with the Git Manager.

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visual database manager
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