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Students & Non-Profit License

Special licenses for students, teachers and non-profit organizations offering a great discount.

* Commercial use is not allowed.

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Personal license is suitable for individuals and freelancers. 

* Please get a Company License, if you are purchasing Wappler for a company.

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Company licenses are suitable for small businesses and organizations. 

* Please get a Personal License, if you are purchasing Wappler for yourself or if you are a freelancer.

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Enterprise licenses are suitable for medium to big businesses and organizations having 100+ employees.

* Please get a Personal License, if you are purchasing Wappler for yourself or if you are a freelancer.

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Differences Between Basic and Pro

Wappler Basic is perfect for building static responsive websites. You can quickly and easily setup your designs in a few clicks, using the visual tools included.

Wappler Creator
  • Cross platform visual editor
  • Starter Templates
  • Smart CSS Designer
  • CSS Autoprefixer
  • Project Manager
  • Assets Manager
  • FTP, SFTP and FTPS Support
Front-End components
  • Bootstrap 4 and 5 Frameworks
  • Animations & Smooth Scroll
  • Slideshows & Photo Galleries
  • Grid Layouts, Masonry
  • Forms Designer
  • Form Validation & Recaptcha
  • Google Maps, Navigation and Geo Location
  • JSON Data Sources
  • Data Formatting & Filtering
Server Side components
  • NodeJS, PHP, ASP.NET and Classic ASP Support
  • Server Side Files and Folders Listing & Manipulation
  • File Upload
  • Server Side Validation
  • Image Processing
  • Send Mail

With Wappler Pro you can build dynamic websites and mobile apps. Everything is possible - powerful custom CMS for blogs, e-commerce, admin panels and more.

all Wappler basic features plus
Mobile Apps Support
  • Framework 7 Visual App Designer
  • Capacitor App Builder
  • Auto packaging in XCode and Android Studio for deploy
Front-End components
  • HTML5 Video Player
  • Lazy Loading
  • API Connector
  • Session, Cookies, Local Storage Management
  • Task Automation
  • Online Content Editing
  • Drag & Drop File Upload
  • Dynamic Charts
Server Side components
  • Database Connectivity
  • Support for MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgresSQL and others
  • API Connectivity
  • OAuth2 Support
  • User Login and Security Management
  • Data Import & Export
  • Send Mail
  • Routing & URL Rewrite

Frequently Asked Questions

You get a fully functional free 14-day trial, which includes all of the features of the chosen subscription. The free trial is only for new users. You need to create an account, download and install Wappler. Note that you can create up to 5 projects during your trial.

You need a separate license for each individual user who is using Wappler.

You can install Wappler on up to 3 computers, as long as you are the only person using it.

You won't be able to use Wappler, until you renew your subscription.

Yes, the web and mobile apps which you created using Wappler will continue working without any limits, after your license expires.

We do not limit the number of projects you can create in Wappler using the Business plans. However there are limits for Educational plans - you can create up to 5 projects using them.

Absolutely! Wappler creates clean HTML, CSS and JS code, which can be edited in any text/code editor.

No, we do not offer hosting with Wappler. You can just use any hosting provider out there to publish your files.

If you have more questions, please check the subscriptions terms and conditions.

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