Design Tools

Quickly build responsive page layouts, using Wappler’s intuitive visual design tools. Add different HTML elements on your pages and fine tune their properties - positions, spacing, typography, backgrounds, gradients and more.

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Visual Server-side Logic Builder

The included server side logic builder lets you visually create complex workflows without any coding. Thanks to the available server side components you can connect to multiple databases, send emails, manage files and folders, process images or create login systems fully visual!

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Connect to Anything

Connect seamlessly to any API service with our no-code API connector and use the data anywhere in your project. Process the data on the server side, create real-time charts or just display it on your pages.

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Create unique e-commerce stores from scratch. Customize the checkout and shopping cart experience to match your brand and products - you are in full control of the layout and features of your store.

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Version Control and Backups

Backup your project and track the changes with the integrated version control. Revert your project files to any point in the history if you need to make revisions.

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Hosting Freedom

With Wappler there are no vendor lock-ins. You are in control of your source code, have full access to it and can use any hosting provider or a cloud platform for your web sites or apps.

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Powerful Design Tools

Add elements to your page, style them and adjust their appearance for different devices. Wappler produces clean and semantic HTML, CSS and JS code from your design.

Easily setup the position of the page elements. Add margin, padding, width and height using the UI controls.

Adjust your text properties - from font family to size and color.

Adding background images and generating CSS gradients has never been easier.

Precisely control your page layout and element properties for different devices.
Design tools

Visual Workflow Editor

No coding is needed to build complex server-side workflows with Wappler. The Visual Workflow Editor enables you to effortlessly create complex Server Connect Flows by dragging and dropping actions precisely where you need them in the workflow. Focus on your app logic the easy way, visually.

Connect to a Database

Connect to any major database like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite with just a couple of clicks.

Build Database Queries

The visual query designer allows you to design and generate SQL queries fully visual. Just select the table, add columns, adjust filtering and sorting options and you are done!

Data and Files Manipulation

Transform, manipulate and reuse data easily where it's needed. Process images, generate reports or upload files to the cloud storage in a few clicks.

Connect to Any API Service

Extend your app functionality by connecting to any API service, using the integrated no-code API Connector. 

Connect to any API Service visually using Wappler's API Connector.

Wappler includes support for 18 predefined OAuth2 services like Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.
Visual API Connector

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E-Commerce Solutions

Build e-commerce solutions from scratch - from simple checkout pages to complex, dynamic, online stores.

Over 300 Stripe Actions are available, so you can build powerful e-commerce solutions with Wappler.

Creating subscriptions with Stripe is an easy job! Just define your subscriptions in Stripe Dashboard and use them with Wappler.

Thanks to webhooks you can listen for events on your Stripe account so you can automatically trigger actions on the server side.
Stripe Integration in Wappler

Version Control and Backups

Get in the world of Version Control with the native Git integration in Wappler. With the support of branches and remote repositories, you can easily keep track of different versions of your website or app and publish it to remote sites like GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket


Backup your project files and revert your application to any point in its history in case of failure or if you want to make a revision.

Version Control

With the support of branches and remote repositories, you can easily keep track of different versions of your website or app.


Working on the same project with your team or on multiple computers is really easy. The integrated Git options allow you to push your changes to the remote repository or pull the latest version from there.

Version Control and Backups

Publish Freedom

Wappler gives you complete freedom of publishing. There are no vendor lock-ins, you own your code and you can publish your app to any hosting or cloud platform of your choice.

You can publish your app to any standard hosting or cloud platform of your choice.

Unlike other no-code and low-code tools, Wappler has no vendor lock-ins. You have access to your code even after your subscription expires and you can edit it or hand it to a developer if required.
Wappler Publish Options

Made In Wappler

Below you can find examples of web sites and apps built in Wappler by our users.

Wappler-built Showcases


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Unleash YOUR creativity and join our amazing community!

Wappler is a low-code software, that allows you to visually build responsive websites, mobile and desktop apps with no vendor lock-ins and complete hosting freedom.

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