Design Prototype

Wappler has a drag-and-drop canvas, visual design tools, themed components, reusable elements, and full bootstrap support. Visual front-end and back-end frameworks included - design visually with the ease of prototyping, but then create full functional websites and mobile apps.

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Develop Build

Build powerful custom CMS, for blogs, e-commerce, admin panels and more. Wappler’s power productivity tools allow developers to cut their turn around time drastically, by giving them tools for visual programming but still full control of code. Developers also gain access to design and creativity they never could do before.

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Publish Freedom

Wappler gives you complete freedom of publishing. You are in control of all the source code, have full access to it and can use any hosting provider or a cloud platform for your websites. Publish your Mobile Apps to Apple AppStore or Google Play Store with a single click!

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More than just prototypes

Design limitless

Designers shouldn't be limited by technology, they should be able to freely express their ideas and creative work. Without limitations, without borders. With the visual design tools Wappler offers, we think we achieved that goal. They look familiar as you would expect but with powers that lift all restrictions for just prototyping, giving you access to making fully functional, data driven, interactive websites and mobile apps. Gain coding powers, visually.

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The Limits of Creativity? None

Powerful Visual Tools

Wappler gives you control over HTML, CSS and JavaScript but fully visually, thanks to its powerful design tools. Add different HTML elements on your pages and adjust their position, typography, backgrounds, gradients and more. Easily control your page layout and elements' properties for different devices. Because we're focused on professionals and web developers, our visual tools are the most robust in the industry.

Layout & Positioning

Easily setup the position of the page elements. Add margin, padding, width and height using the UI controls.


Adjust your text properties - from font family to size and color.

Backgrounds & Gradients

Adding background images and generating CSS gradients has never been easier.

Responsive Design

Precisely control your page layout and element properties for different devices.

New server technology added

Full nodejs support

One of the most anticipated features is available in version 3.0 - NodeJS. You can easily setup and use the powers of NodeJS directly in Wappler, fully integrated with the Database Connector, Database Updater and Database Manager.

NodeJS Templates

Create master pages for your site layout and base all your pages on them.

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Template Partials

Create reusable components and include them on your pages.

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Server Side Rendering

Empower full server side data rendering for your NodeJS web sites and apps.

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Docker Support

Run your NodeJS projects locally as well as remotely in full production.

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nodejs support in wappler

easy data management

Visual database Management

In the Database Manager you have a great visual overview of all your database tables, history of your changes, and database seeds. You can create new tables and fields or edit the data in your database.

Easy Database Connections

Create direct connections right from within the database manager panel.

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Database Relations

Visually define relations between database tables by simply defining a reference field.

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Edit Database Data

Directly edit your database live data. Select whether to apply changes immediately or later.

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visual database manager

API COnnectivity

Connect to any API Service

With the integrated API tools you can connect to any API service and use the data on your pages. Visually setup the parameters and headers and fetch the output of the remote API in a couple of clicks. Add real-time data to your charts, create dynamic galleries with multiple filters or just use the schema as a repeat region source.
Wappler includes support for 18 predefined services like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Instagram, Amazon, Dropbox, Foursquare, Imgur, WordPress, Spotify, Slack, Reddit, Twitch, PayPal, Pinterest, Stripe, Coinbase or any other custom service!

Excellence Front to Back

The Only Full-Stack Solution

wappler components

Imagine having the sheer power of a reactive front-end framework along with a server-side framework. Now, imagine you can use all of it visually. The visual front-end tools offer dynamic data and attributes binding, repeat regions and ultra-fast data rendering. Wappler’s server-side provides a full visual workflow builder with the power of PHP and .NET. When we say that Wappler is a comprehensive solution - we mean it.

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data driven design

Design with Real Data

dynamic data picker

See the world from your users eyes, instead of how you imagine they see it. Use real data, so that your designs become alive, exactly as your users will see them. Move faster, surface problems and additional constrains sooner, and create better user experience. Wappler gives you access to any live data feed and API, as well connects you visually to any database to deliver you the real data needed for your designs.

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ready to use blocks

Wappler Blocks

Wappler Blocks Dialog

An awesome collection of responsive blocks to perfectly build responsive Bootstrap 5 websites is available for you! More than 170 blocks in different categories.

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visual grid controls

Visual Editing

Wappler Visual Grid Controls

Resize your Bootstrap 5 Columns with the size and offset handles. You can resize your columns visually based on the device view and the active responsive breakpoints. 

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Docker Integration

Deploy to Any Cloud Platform

Docker empowers developers to quickly run their website or app in the required environment in seconds. It also makes the live deploy really easy. You can quickly and easy scale up your app depending on its needs. The powerful Docker technology is now available in Wappler - the visual way. With the Docker integration in Wappler you can not only develop locally, but also deploy to any remote Docker host.
Development and Deploy have never been easier!

technology driven

Embrace web standards

Stay on top of the latest web technologies and empower them with full control. Wappler offers you the visual tools to comply and use all web standards, produce sematic clean code, manageable and with increased turn around time. Use integrated tools for post processing and automation to achieve maximum productivity.

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