Interactive Visual Design From the Ground Up

Design View

Add new elements exactly where you need them! Better visual designing process: the elements’ insertion is context-sensitive and that allows you to automatically focus your attention on suitable suggested components based on the current selection.
Customize every title, paragraph, button or other text element inline! Manage elements directly in the App Structure, just by a single click!

Visual CSS Editor

You don’t have to search for CSS rules in the CSS files – Wappler does it for you! Just select an element in Design View, switch to the Styles panel, and you will see all the valid CSS styles for the selected element! You can edit there all the CSS directly with nice auto complete! All changes will be done in the right CSS file.

DOM Tree

Explore the structure of your page, navigate and edit the page elements directly in the DOM tree. Insert any HTML tag before, after or inside the selected element. Use the toolbar to clone or remove tags from the tree.

Fully Components Based

Different Design Frameworks Included

Take advantage of the design frameworks like Bootstrap 4 included and their ready to use components.

Wappler visual designer

Rich Photo Galleries and Sliders Included as Components

Wappler comes with different galleries and slideshows available as components which you insert directly on your page. Different customization options such as animations, appearance, transitions and many more are available.

Best Front-End Framework Included

App Connect

App Connect is a high performance front-end framework powerful just as React, Angular and VueJS but much easier to use due to its custom component structure and HTML5 Attributes binding. Also it is fully visual, thanks to the Wappler integration – so no coding is required!

Extensive Data Binding Done Visually

Add any data directly in your content, populate mighty fast repeat regions, dynamic CSS styling, generate content or toggle areas fully dynamic and data dependent.

Rich Set of Component Included

App Connect includes a huge library of component and services available to power every aspect of your dynamic web site or responsive web application. Data Formatting, Session and Cookie Management, Form Validation, Repeat Regions are just a few of the available options.

Powerful Back-end Framework Basic

Server Connect

Server Connect full visual programming without any coding. It includes many server-side workflow components. Connect to your databases, create advanced database queries, send emails, manage files and folders, process images or create login systems fully visual!

Support for any Hosting and Server Model

Server Connect components support PHP, ASP.NET and Classic ASP so you just connect your hosting and you are ready to work.

Wappler visual designer

Extended Database Connectivity Pro

Support for all Major Databases

Connect to any major database like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL with just a couple of clicks.

Visual Query Designer Pro

The included visual query designer allows you to design your queries and generate SQL queries fully visual. Just select the table, add columns, adjust filtering and sorting options and you are done!

Build Mobile Apps Pro

Framework 7

Build fully functional mobile app using the included Framework 7 - a mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. Use the included components in order to visually build your app.

Wappler visual designer

Multi Target Publishing - With a Single Click

Project Management

Manage your projects with ease, using Wappler's project management tools. Open and edit existing projects or create new ones, using the included starter templates - it is up to you.

Publish to any Hosting

Publishing to any hosting with the built-in FTP, SFTP, FTPS tools. Just enter the host, port, username and password and hit the publish button.

Wappler visual designer