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Wappler 1.7.3 - API Services To The MAX!
In this update we have included the very anticipated OAuth2 server component!
It includes support for 18 predefined services like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Instagram, Amazon, Dropbox, Foursquare, Imgur, WordPress, Spotify, Slack, Reddit, Twitch, PayPal, Pinterest, Stripe, Coinbase or any other custom service!

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New Features & Updates

New OAuth2 Connector, Server Connect UI improvements and New Wappler Docs site:

Server OAuth2 Connector

Now you can finally connect to any OAuth2 compatible service. OAuth2 Connector is available in Server Connect and it includes 18 predefined services::

New Color Coding in Server Connect

Server Connect UI has been improved by adding different colors for action steps and values, thanks to the great community feedback:

New Wappler Documentation

We've completely redesigned Wappler Official Documentation. Now it includes smart search and looks great on any device! You can find it here.

All New Features

Citizens9 Website Built with Wappler

A full featured community build by one of our community users! This website includes advanced features like: membership subscriptions, peer-to-peer loan network, markeplace, rating system and many more!

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Endee Express Website Built with Wappler

Another great website built by a Wappler community user - a portal for an international shipping agent. It includes features like: shipment status tracking, advanced admin dashboard, sending track reports to email and many more!

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Latest Docs

Password Reset Functionality: Part 1

Learn how to generate and send the password reset link

Password Reset Functionality: Part 2

Learn how to add password reset functionality for your users

Nested Repeat Regions

Learn how to nest two database queries in Server Connect

Wappler Documentation

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